Instrument and Equipment Sales

Seasky has sold international advanced instruments and equipment as follows:

  1. Multi-phase flow and diversion with proppant instrument from American core company
  2. PLS Core resistivity test instrument
  3. German HaakeRS6000rheometer
  4. German HaakeMARS III anti-acid rotate rheometer
  5. German HaakeVT1 hand-held viscometer
  6. American Mike AutoPore® IV high performance full-automatic mercury injection apparatus
  7. American FEI-quanta250 electron microscope
  8. American Chandler 5265U static gel strength appatatus
  9. American Chandler 8040D double-cylinder thickening apparatus at HTHP
  10. American Chandler 7120 blender filtration instrument
  11. German KRUSS DSA100 optical contact angle tester
  12. K100c surface tension meter
  13. Israel OBJET 3-D printer
  14. German COMET L3D3D scanner
  15. American ISCO`s A100DX, 260D, 65D series ram pumps

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