Self-owned Software

Seasky has 9 self-owned reservoir software and several others wrote for oil companies independently or cooperated with other companies.

  1. Optimization Designer of Staged Fracturing for Horizontal Well in Tight Oil Reservoir

Enable to optimization horizontal well design through analysis their possibilities, design wellbores and forecast their production according to research results and production data.


Porosity DisplayOil in Place

  1. Optimization Designer of Staged Fracturing for Horizontal Well in Tight Gas Reservoir

Integrating horizontal well geology and reservoir engineering for optimization design


3-D Display

image032 image033

Favorable zone screened out

image034 image035

Horizontal well design

  1. Single Well Production Forecast

Critical production calculation of vertical well in Mever, Gradner, Pirson formula


Main Interface

  1. Numerical Simulator with Chemical Flooding

Integrating geology modeling, chemical flooding, dynamic analysis, numerical simulation and simulation result analysis.

image039 image040

Production Zone displayPPG concentration

  1. Reservoir Numerical Simulator in Three Dimensions with Three Phases

Simulate first recovery, second recovery and miscible flooding process.


Contour map of porosityGeology model

  1. Pay Zone Forecastor

Through sedimentary rhythm, to reconstruct tectonic according to 3D geophysics data, analyze reservoir evolution and sand body formation based on slices, descript favorable pay zone from comparison of ancient and modern geophysical data.

image048 image049

WHEELER map of geophysical dataWHEELER map of well data

  1. Reservoir Dynamic Data Analysis

Integrated reservoir characteristic and well production status to carry out studies on dynamic analysis, performance analysis, economic evaluation, production forecast and so on.


Main interfaceSedimentary microfaciest

  1. Auxiliary Tool for Reservoir Numerical Simulation

Post processor of reservoir simulation result, including reservoir model analyzing, two/three dimension visualization, reservoir index analysis, reservoir index static, well index static, and other auxiliary function.

image054 image055

Simulation parameter visualization module in 3DIntegrated drawing module

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